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Here Is What I Want For Christmas Day 2018

So with one week left until Christmas Day, I have thought about what I want for Christmas Day.  I admit, I am hard for others to decide what to get for me during Christmas.  I have had to once again think about what I want this year.  I for sure want this.  For a few years now, I have been using an old-fashioned razor to shave.  The big problem is it’s becoming harder to find the blades for these razors.

Why I have been shaving like this?  Simple, it’s cheap!  I can find five blades for one dollar at the dollar stores.  So I really am wanting an electric razor.  I figure it’s probably time to upgrade my shaving to the modern age.

I also do a lot of drawing work.  I draw roads, and this is one weird hobby.  My weird hobby will soon be featured on national television.  And that means millions finding out what I do.  I have a cheap plastic TV tray that I have been using to draw.

But I think it’s time to upgrade.  Having a better tray that does not scratch easily would help a lot!  Trays like this one that is sturdy would prevent these scratches that have happened on the TV tray.

Next, I have a blender I use to make smoothies.  But, it does not make slushies.  Currently, if I want a slush, which I love by the way, I walk down to Sonic Drive-In to get one.  If I could get something to make my own slushies, I would love it!  This model from Margaritaville would help me make slushes a lot easier.

I am also phone shopping.  My current phone is a cheap free phone or so called “Obamaphone.”  I am needing a phone that has a lot of RAM, and a better service provider because Sprint sucks where I live!  Something like this would involve a trip to a mobile phone store.

And the last thing, I have had a FitBit for a few years now.  The current model I wear, the Charge HR, is wearing out.  I have had to put on an outer cover to prevent parts from falling out.  And the band is beginning to wear out.  So, which current new model I am looking at.  Yeah, I have been looking at the FitBit Versa.  Being the geek that I am, I would love the apps and features.

Other things I am looking at include color changing light bulbs, (I would need five for the living room).  A couple new smart plugs, a new portable ice maker since my current one is getting old, string lights like these, or some old road signs.  Yep, I like road stuff!  I guess we’ll see what I get.

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