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Aspie Reviews: Nightmare King From Burger King

So Burger King came out with a limited time sandwich to celebrate Halloween.  The Nightmare King comes with a green colored sesame seed bun, bacon, a fried chicken patty, a beef patty, cheese, onions and mayo.  Yes, you get something from the pig, cow, and chicken in one sandwich.

The nightmarish part of this sandwich was the price, nearly $7!  I got my sandwich with no mayo, I hate mayo!  The interesting thing was I could taste the bacon, chicken, and beef in one bite.  It was very weird and interesting for my taste buds.

But I really thought the sandwich was just way too much!  I would rather have a much cheaper cheeseburger and chicken sandwich which I could get on the value menu.  The green bun made it a great touch, but I would not order this again.

The Nightmare King is around until Halloween.  You could try it to just say you had it, but I would skip this sandwich.  And no, the Nightmare King did not give me nightmares!

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