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The Evening Post: The Strangest Driving Laws in the World

We all know that cultures vary greatly across the world, but driving/car culture is no different. If you’ve ever taken a road trip across the US or driven in another country, you know this to be true. Driving culture can change completely just a few miles down the road, much less halfway across the globe. This means driving laws vary greatly, as well.

Laws are meant to keep order and keep everyone safe, but sometimes laws are archaic or spawned from a bizarre series of events. Needless to say, there are some incredibly strange driving laws out there. In fact, The Zebra found so many weird laws that they decided to create this hilarious infographic compiling them all together.

From Alabama to the Philippines, this list covers it all. Check it out and make sure not to break any of these strange laws on your next trip!

Check out the full infographic below!