Crowdsourcing Mornings: Things-Could-Be-Worse Tea Set

This is Crowdsourcing Mornings! This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

Lost your keys? Lost your job? Look at the bright side. At least you’re not plagued by pterodactyls, pursued by giant robots, or pestered by zombie poodles. Life is good! The Things-Could-Be-Worse Tea Service is designed to go with your Things-Could-Be-Worse mugs and Calamityware plates and to remind you how lucky you are.  This porcelain teapot and cream and sugar service feature my drawing of a traditional blue-willow paradise discombobulated by more than a dozen calamities, perils, and pests.
You’ll find…

  • hairy fiend
  • giant frog
  • pirates
  • cephalopod
  • unpleasant blob creature
  • dinosaurs
  • dubious musician
  • bear
  • levitating demon
  • voracious sea monster
  • UFOs
  • aggressive pterodactyls
  • rambunctious robots
  • capybara
  • zombie poodle and other suspicious animals and shrubs.

As of August 24th, this project has raised $90,000 of their $15,000 goal. This project has 23 days left to raise as much as it can. For a pledge of $48, you will get one creamer and sugar set.  For a pledge of $56, you will get one teapot.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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