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Roadscapes Wednesday: Youth Infrastructure Coalition For Interstate 14

A coalition has formed to urge the building of Interstate 14 from Texas through Georgia.  In Alabama, Interstate 14 would run along the US 80 corridor passing through cities like Demopolis, Selma, Montgomery, and Phenix City.  The Youth Infrastructure Coalition is a non-profit organization created by Frank Lumpkin IV.  Frank is from Columbus, Georgia and works alongside Justus Armstrong and Carsen Storey who are both from Phenix City, Alabama. The Coalition strives to bring awareness to infrastructure projects that if completed, will make the surrounding communities stronger in a multitude of ways.

So why Interstate 14?  Interstate 14 will connect many places to one another: it will connect forts, ports, major cities, and other highways. These connections will provide a robust transportation network.  The connections that I-14 makes between military installations and ports means the training of soldiers will be enhanced and many more deployment options will be available.  This will increase the efficiency of our military and make our nation safer overall.

I-14 will also run through some of the poorest parts of our nation. This highway will address the impoverished areas it goes through by providing opportunity for those living there. This opportunity comes through better business and better business is better for everyone.

I really do think Interstate 14 would be a wonderful thing for the southeast.  The question is will all of it be built?  Currently there is only a small section of I-14 in Texas.  The biggest question would be funding to build I-14.  If the road funding problem can be corrected, than I-14 would be a great asset!

Learn more about the Youth Infrastructure Coalition and the I-14 project at:

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