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The Evening Post: Bring On The Heat: 18 Types Of Peppers

Would you try the hottest pepper in the world? Well, you may think twice when you find out that the spice level of a Dragons Breath peppers has over 700 times as much heat as a jalapeno pepper.

Using spice in food is not only a way to add flavor to dishes, but it’s also a staple in cooking for many cultures. From chili peppers in Mexican cuisine to the Thai pepper in Thai cooking, there are said to be over 50,000 varieties of peppers in the world.

As you can imagine, the ingredient comes in all different shapes, sizes and heat levels, but it can be difficult to know spicy from sweet if you’re unfamiliar with the varieties. recently put together a list of 18 different types of peppers, breaking down the flavor profile, most popular dish you find them in, and the spice level.

How much heat can you handle? Put your taste buds to the test and try out a few varieties of your own. You can use them in a salsa, pepper jelly, stuffed peppers and more, but make sure to prepare your friends if you’ve turned up the heat in your recipe.