The Evening Post: McGruff The Crime Dog Does The Kiki Challenge

One of the latest challenges sweeping the nation is the Kiki Challenge.  Basically someone gets out of the car and dances alongside it while it is still in motion, in an ode to the music video of Drake’s “In My Feelings.”  Now, police departments everywhere are telling people to not do this.  But the Anniston Police Department did a video just for fun.  They had McGruff The Crime Dog dancing alongside the car while someone was holding a camera inside the car.  Yep, enjoy this video below.

APD Keke Challenge

McGruff the Crime Dog stopped by APD today and helped us knock out the #kekechallenge #kikichallenge @The City of Anniston, Alabama #doyouloveme #allinmyfeelings #drake

Posted by The Anniston Police Department on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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