Crowdsourcing Mornings: Go Away, Mama Children's Book

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Go Away, Mama! follows a mom and her daughter through the stages of stubborn child to teenage rebellion to college good-byes and starting a family. Along the way, we watch the push and pull of a strong-willed girl and her devoted mom as they navigate life’s biggest milestones together.  As a full-time working mom to two littles under four, she is navigating the crazy right now.  Her goal in writing this book is to encourage moms, in particular, as they journey through the messy, challenging, and miraculous moments of parenthood.
She think its important to tell this story, especially with all of the guilt and criticism that mothers often put on ourselves.  She hopes this book helps moms know that they’re not alone in the challenges of parenthood, that we’re all just doing the best job we can.  And she hopes it reminds us all to hold on a little tighter to those raw, precious, and all-too-fleeting moments that come with raising children.  Little kids love to emulate the bigger kids so she hopes they enjoy the main character’s many moods, her frequent outbursts of “go away, Mama!” and ultimately feel the tenderness of this story.
In her dream world, she would love for this book to become a favorite read that kids pull off of the shelf again and again, along with being a staple gift for Mother’s Day, baby showers, or graduations—much like the book Love You Forever was for her.  She is confident when she held the finished book in her hands and read it to her littles,  She won’t get to the end without a few tears—and her hope is, it’s the same for you.

As of July 24th, this project has raised $7,500 of their $5,000 goal. This project has 15 days left to raise as much as it can.  For a pledge of $5, you will get a social media shoutout.  For a pledge of $20, you will get one signed book.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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