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Sunday Discussion: 18 Oklahoma Teachers Explain Why They Quit For Good


In some states, education funding has been cut so much that schools and teachers are suffering.  Some teachers have to work a second or third job to survive.  And some school districts have had to cut days from the school calendar due to lack of funding.  Over the past year, teachers in states such as West Virginia, Arizona, and Oklahoma had gone on strike to demand better funding.  And VICE News talked to 18 teachers in Oklahoma who plans on calling it quits.  They talk about the funding problems, their time on strike, the results from that strike, and why these people are leaving the teaching profession for good and their new jobs they are going too.  It’s tough to watch this video.

And this video leads to this for Alabama.  Alabama education has seen some of the highest education/school cuts in the United States.  And with strikes happening in other states, could early 2019 when the Alabama Legislature comes back into session mean teachers and educators all across Alabama going on strike?  Boy, that will be fun to cover if that happens.  Watch the video below!

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