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The Evening Post: One Pot Camping Meal Ideas Infographics

When you’re on the road, having a backyard BBQ or embarking on a camping trip, the last thing you want to stress about is what you’ll eat. Even less, doing dishes. One pot meals are the best way to avoid both! Use the same pot or skillet to prep, cook and clean up your meal. One pot meal ideas range from breakfast to dessert, like egg scramble with bacon bits, toasty mac & cheese or s’mores dip. They’re great options to feed a big group of people and are easy for just about anyone (sorry, chefs) to make. Check out these delicious one pot meal ideas broken down by meal time with helpful tips and tricks for cooking and cleaning up outdoors:

One Pot Camping Breakfast

There’s a reason we call breakfast the most important meal of the day. Before you go exploring, consider these delicious one pot breakfast ideas, for the energy you’ll need to last all day. Fire up your charcoal grill, grab your skillet, and gather all of your ingredients. If you’re in store for a skillet that can be used on this type of grill, Wayfair has a great selection to choose from.

One Pot Camping Dinner

After a long day of exploring, dinner is likely the first thing you’re thinking about. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice a hearty meal, just because you’re outside! Try these easy one pot dinner meals and cooking tips to nourish the whole group. The best part about each of these options is that they’ll have an added smokey flavor from the charcoal grill!

One Pot Camping Dessert

The best night cap to an active day is sitting around the fire eating a delicious dessert. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to packaged sweets. The ideal camping dessert requires few ingredients and is easy to make. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these flavorful one pot dessert ideas.