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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week Of 5-4-2018

Here are five posts on Geek Alabama from the last week that you might have missed and should take a look at and read! Below are five posts on Geek Alabama from the past week that were either popular, should be looked at again, or needs more views. Please take a look!

See Why It’s Hard Being An Introvert In The South

Yep I’m an introvert, it’s hard!

Four Reasons Why Oxford Alabama Needs To Get Over It And Allow Sunday Alcohol Sales

Oxford needs to change for the better!

Watch Good Mythical Morning Taste Test Food Buckets From Televangelist Jim Bakker

This was way too funny!

Watch A Guy Without A Voice Give An Amazing Standup Comedy Routine

This was amazing!

Roadscapes Wednesday: Pictures Of The Anniston Eastern Bypass

Click the link to see some pictures!