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The Evening Post: Awesome Guide To The Longest Roads In The World

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Have you ever wondered what the longest roads in the world are?  Well, you’re in luck because I have the answers!  This guide breaks down the seven longest roads in the world with important stops, cool tidbits, and travel times.

Okay, so technically most of these roads are a connection of highways, not one big road, but it’s still pretty cool!  I personally think driving the “Big Lap” in Australia would be such a great road trip.  Going to Sydney has always been on my bucket list.  Also, I love the little koala in this image.

But the craziest trip would definitely be the Pan-American Highway.  I had never even heard of this route before I read this guide, but this thing is a beast!  It’s longer than a trip around the equator, try wrapping your head around that.  The route includes a 100 mile impassible gap called the Darien Gap.  Sounds pretty treacherous.

Check out the full post, created by on their blog here.  There are a number of other crazy roads like the Trans-Canada Highway and the Golden Quadrilateral Highway in India (such a cool name).  If you’re an adventurer or roadtripper, then this is a perfect guide for you.

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