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The Evening Post: How New York City’s Poop Ended Up Stuck On A Train In Alabama

Yeah, this is a very stinky situation.  For a few months, trains were parked in Parrish, Alabama after another town in Alabama called West Jefferson, Alabama won an injunction to stop the landfill company, Big Sky Environmental, from using their town as a transfer point for poop trains.  After the injunction, Big Sky just parked the poop cars in Parrish.  And if you live in Alabama during the Summer, you know anything stinky can get very foul with a horrible odor.  Luckily, the poop cars are gone from Parrish now.  But, New York City needs to find another way to deal with their poop.

This story from VICE News highlights the poop train problem.  Maybe New York City needs to sell its biosolids to farmers as fertilizer once again, no matter how expensive it is.


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