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GeekNerdPoly Episode 6: Geek Is Under Attack In The United States

So yeah, it’s been a while since I did my last GeekNerdPoly episode.  But, I thought it was time to bring the podcast series back.  And I have worked to get this podcast onto services like Apple and Google, hope it’s approved.  So, in this episode of GeekNerdPoly, I talk about why being a geek is under attack in America.  What do I mean about this?  I mean net neutrality under attack.  I mean science under attack.  I mean video games under attack, and so on.

And most of the things us geeks and nerds like that are under attack are usually because people on the right of the political spectrum, or what they are called the alt-right is causing the attacks.  I mean, let us geeks have fun and please quit attacking us!  You can listen or watch to the latest podcast episode below!