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Aspie Food Review: McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce

Time for another food review!  As you know, in the season three premiere of the TV cartoon Rick and Morty, Rick talks about how he enjoyed this  Szechuan Dipping Sauce released for the Disney movie “Mulan” back in the 1990’s that was in his memory.

Rick goes into a rant about how much he misses the sauce and how much he wants it back!  It was a joy to watch!

McDonald’s did an extremely limited release a few months ago, and only a few locations got only a few packets of the sauce.  Knowing how big the Rick and Morty fanbase is, people got very upset, and even riots happened, only because a TV cartoon talked about a dipping sauce released 20 years ago.

McDonald’s screwed up, and I commend them for fixing this, and making sure every McDonald’s location has the Szechuan sauce this time.  In fact,  McDonald’s made 20 million packets of sauce.  So this time, anyone who wanted to try the sauce, should have a chance to do so.  I went to my local McDonald’s at around 1:30 PM, and I was the first one to ask for the Szechuan sauce.

The sauce had a smoky, sweet, and very slight spicy flavor.  It’s kinda like those Asian sauces you can get at the supermarket.  I thought it was okay, I enjoy my Chicken McNuggets without any sauce, in fact sometimes, I like to rip the breading off the nugget, eat that separately, then eat the chicken.  Yeah I am weird.

Anyways, I thought the Szechuan sauce was pretty good.  I probably would not get this again, as I do not enjoy any sauces with my nuggets.  I hope everyone is now happy that they got to try the Szechuan sauce.  I wonder what the next thing will be talked about in Rick and Morty that will force a company to release it once again?

See my video review below!

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