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Roadscapes Wednesday: Major And Dangerous Traffic Jams At An Little Caesars Location

On this Roadscapes Wednesday, on a Thursday, let’s talk about how one local pizza joint is causing massive traffic jams at times.  The Little Caesars location on Quintard Avenue in Anniston has good pizza at a low price.  Unfortunately, the building is very small and the drive-thru lane is very small as well.  Only a few cars can queue before cars start backing up onto Quintard Avenue.  And sometimes you can have 5-6 cars or more in a line for Little Caesars pizza stopped in the right lane.

Here’s the thing, Quintard Avenue also known as AL-21 sees an average of over 30,000 cars per day.  The speed limit was also recently increased to 45 mph along this stretch.  So you can have traffic going fast down this road and then run into this line.  Cars in the right lane not wanting pizza have to carefully merge into the middle lane to get around this.  And with cars going fast down the road, or switching lanes, this is a recipe for a major problem.

I mean, there are solutions to this, speed up the drive-thru, close down the drive-thru and force everyone wanting pizza to park and go inside, or a better solution is for Little Caesars to move to a bigger location.  I don’t know who would be liable if an accident happened here?  The cars waiting for pizza, the business, or the drivers running into the stopped cars.  This problem needs to be corrected.  Here is video of this mess I took below!

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