The Evening Post: This Is Us Bad Wikipedia Edits

So this post will have spoilers to the This Is Us episode that aired after the Super Bowl 52 on NBC.  If you have not watched that episode yet, you might want to click away.  During the post Super Bowl episode, most of America cried and got very sad in the events that happened during the episode that featured some really good acting and writing.

In the episode, Jack Pearson and his family have to escape from the second floor from a house fire.  After everyone gets out, Jack hears the family dog barking, and goes back into the home.  Jack and the dog did escape the fire.  But he had to go to the hospital, where Jack had a widowmaker heart attack and died due to smoke inhalation.  So, some fans of the show went to the smoke inhalation Wikipedia page and wrote their feelings on there before it was deleted.  The page is now under semi-protection because of the bad edits.  But enjoy below some of the words written on the Wikipedia page below!

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