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The Evening Post: College Football Championship Lunch Bet Between James Spann And Brad Nitz

Tomorrow is the big National Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta.  So naturally, there are people betting on the game.  Some in Vegas are betting money at casinos.  The mayors of Tuscaloosa and Athens are betting on a donation and beer.  And now, the chief meteorologists from the ABC stations in Birmingham and Atlanta are betting as well.

ABC 33/40 chief meteorologist James Spann and WSB 2 chief meteorologist Brad Nitz are betting lunch on the outcome of the game.  Brad Nitz challenged James Spann to a bet since both meteorologists do weather forecasts at their respective college football home games.

James Spann agreed to the bet.

The bet is lunch for the weather team at either ABC 33/40 or WSB 2.  If Alabama wins, Brad Nitz will send Chick-fil-A to the ABC 33/40 weather team.  But, if Georgia wins, James Spann will send over Dreamland BBQ to the WSB 2 weather team.

And of course, both meteorologists have been poking fun about this on their Twitter accounts!

Even Dreamland BBQ got into the fun, and a Twitter battle with Fox Bros Bar-B-Q.

Well, the game is going to be epic!