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Crowdsourcing Mornings: A Printer’s Printing Paper

This is Crowdsourcing Mornings! This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

What is Flurry Cotton?

  • Bright white, white and soft white in text weight, 1-ply and 2-ply sheets plus 18 sizes of 100% cotton envelopes.
  • 20 point cover is suitable for letterpress, foil stamping, scoring, folding, die-cutting, embossing, engraving, and has a coating for HP Indigo printing.
  • Carbon neutral manufacturing. Made with wind energy.
  • Flurry is available only from Boxcar Press and has a very attractive price for an 100% cotton sheet. We work directly with the paper mill to keep costs down.
  • Flurry Cotton is also known as “Bella Cotton Smooth,” the house paper used by Bella Figura.

Flurry is made by Boxcar Press. They have been letterpress printers since 1998, and produce letterpress supplies to the trade. They have 30,000 square feet of production space in Syracuse, New York. All Flurry Cotton orders ship from Syracuse.  Boxcar Press’s mission statement, drafted more than ten years ago, is: “Print beautifully; use the best materials; and support and inspire the letterpress community.” Flurry Cotton accomplishes all three parts of this mission. While supporting beautiful printing, they hope that Flurry Cotton also allows printers to become more profitable and to reach new markets.

As of December 29th, this project has raised $20,000 of their $10,000 goal. This project has 3 days left to raise as much as it can! For a pledge of $35, you will get one sample pack.  For a pledge of $74, you will get one carton of 1-ply.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to: