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Support The Friendship Santa Save Rudolph’s Leg And Friends GoFundMe

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A week ago, an idiot came up to Friendship Santa and used a pipe to take out the legs of two of the wooden reindeer.  Here is a reminder of what happened.

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Now, the family has started a GoFundMe account to pay for the damage done and to upgrade to a good security system.  Friendship Santa, Avery Robertson, built a 17 foot Rudolph, 9 feet tiny reindeer, a life-size sleigh, and 3 acres of Christmas decorations. He’s Santa to the community every night the weather is good from Dec. 1-23.  He sits in his sleigh from 5:30-8:30 every night and welcomes everyone to come and have pictures with Santa for free.

They give out hot chocolate and brownies from Cici’s pizza (donated).  They have local businesses that have sponsored goody bags to give out to the kids.  They pay for the light bill, juices for kids, hot chocolate, supplies, and they work it every night in the hot and freezing weather.  They are so thankful for family and friends that have helped them.  They had 6,000 visitors last year and have already had 4,000 this year.

Last week after it was over, a man entered their yard around 9:50 pm and axed down one of our reindeer and tried doing the same thing to Rudolph.  Their mom screamed and the vandal left.  They are raising money to help pay for the damage done to their deer and a good security system.  They do not ask or require money to see Santa or the decorations, but they’ve had many people ask them to set up an account to help pay for expenses.  They love what they do and they love Christmas.  They are heartbroken someone would try to damper the Christmas spirit and try to destroy their beloved Rudolph.

The family has set a goal of $1,000 and as of this post being published, $200 has been raised.  If you want to learn more, share, or even donate to this GoFundMe, go to:


And of course, if anyone has any information, please contact the Oxford Police Department. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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