Learn More About The Falafel’s Garden Children’s Book Kickstarter Campaign


Sorry folks for the lack of posts.  I am still busy building the new website.  In fact this will probably be the final post under the old look before Geek Alabama moves to a newly designed site!  Anyways, for this post I wanted to talk about a Kickstarter project someone e-mailed me about.  This project is about the outdoor environment and uses some creative animal hand puppets to tell the story!

Falafel’s garden is a rhyming children’s book about gardening, cooking, and forgiveness. A clumsy, yoga-loving llama, a socially anxious sheep, and an epicurean horse come together in this endearing, yet humorous tale of the trials of friendship. Written in anapestic tetrameter, the rhythm of the book will be sure to delight readers of all ages!


Falafel the Llama, Baxter the Horse, and Griswold the Sheep are the characters in the children’s book.  Fluffmonger wrote brief story lines for them and painted ‘pop-up’ scenery for them to live in.  From the moment they created them, they knew they deserved more than a few sentences for their stories.  The book will be printed on 100% recycled paper in the US, and the plushes will be made in their studio using hand dyed organic fabrics, organic thread, and organic buckwheat hulls.

This project will close on Thursday, October 6th.  For a pledge of $25 will get a copy of the book, coloring pages, and a pesto recipe card.  For a pledge of $130, you will get a signed copy of the book, one of the three handmade plush animals, and more!  To learn more and to pledge money, go to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1063630813/falafels-garden-eco-friendly-childrens-book-and-pl/description