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The Evening Post: The Idea Channel Snow Globe

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Tonight, I present the latest video from the YouTube PBS Idea Channel.  This week Mike Rugnetta discusses the progression of the snow globe from meticulously crafted art piece to tacky trinket, and reveals this year’s Idea Channel Snow Globe!  Enjoy both videos!


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  1. Hi, Mike Rugnetta! I smiled, I laughed and I winced at your snow globe story. As one of a handful of snow globe fine artists, I want you to know there are still some handmade, one of a kind, meaningful liquid-filled globes out there. I know: I make them every day.
    Why did I become a professional snow globe artist? Because they are the perfect vehicle of expression, and hope, and humor and, and, mysterious things that make one smile. And mostly because I could not find the kind of snow globes I wanted to shake myself. Something more than a tourist trinket, more than a Disney souvenir, more than a holiday memory.
    Thanks for putting a spotlight on the magic of snow globes, kitsch and all.