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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Circle Phone Charging Drink Coaster

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This is Crowdsourcing Mornings! This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

In the age of mobile technology, keeping your phone or other device charged has become a necessity – whether you use it for work, entertainment, or keeping in touch with your loved ones. Imagine sitting down for a drink at the end of a long day, only to realize your phone is at 10% battery life; then the hunt for your phone charger and an open wall outlet begins.  Now imagine sitting down for a drink – and plugging your nearly dead phone into your coaster. No outlets, no annoying wires, and no interruptions to your leisure time; just you, your beverage, and your news feed; and best of all, your phone is fully charged when you turn in for the evening. Sound like magic? It’s not – it’s Circle.

Circle is a stylish charging bamboo coaster for personal use. Its standard set includes a wooden charging station, three coasters, and an AC power adapter.  A user can place the coasters on a desk, kitchen countertop, or on a bedside table, as well as take it to a coffee shop or bar.  The Circle features a 3000 mAh battery. It is food safe, eco-friendly, and can be used for both cold and hot beverages. It also contains metal walls and other special design elements to guarantee electrical and liquid safety. The coaster is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phones, and comes equipped with a lightning or a microUSB connector. Its universal charging dock is suitable for all power outlets.


As of December 17th, this project has raised around $5,000 of their $45,000 goal. This project only has 34 days left to raise the $45,000 or it will not be funded!  For a pledge of $40, you will get one coaster with an USB to phone charging base.  For a pledge of $60, you will get a set of three coasters with a charging base.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to: