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YouTube Spotlight: Cpt Jack Ferret

Geek Alabama YouTube Spotlight

This is YouTube Spotlight, where each week I highlight a YouTube channel that you should be following! This week, I am promoting the YouTube channel Cpt Jack Ferret.

This YouTube channel is from Alabama!  This is a channel dedicated to the lovely ferret named Captain Jack Sparrow.  And you get to see other lovely things ferret related including other ferrets!  Their most popular video is how to overload a ferret.

Another popular video is seeing the cutest ferrets in the world!

Another popular video is seeing a ferret drag his tunnel.

Their recent video is about ferret water bottles.

And here is a cute video of a ferret going duck hunting.

If you like ferret videos, then Cpt Jack Ferret is for you!  Learn more and subscribe at:

Follow them on Twitter @CptJackFerret


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