Weekend Planning: Super Speedy Cider Con 2015

Geek Alabama Weekend Planning

This Weekend Planning post is being done because the folks from Super Speedy Cider Con up in Knoxville followed along on Twitter and wanted promotion of this event!  So I will be listing the major guests and events of this weekend!

Major guests during the weekend includes Brony Chef, ​Brass Knuckles, Dr. Edwards,  Joey Oropesa, C. Allan Gann, Prince Whateverer, Bruce Carr, Tiffany Morones, and more!  See the entire guest list at: http://superspeedycidercon.com/

Some of the major events of the weekend includes the charity auction which supports The Michael Morones Foundation which provides children support, and necessary skills to enjoy life to the fullest.  You can also see the Whose Cider is it Anyways? Improv Panel and the Techno Trot.  See a schedule of all of the events and panels at:  http://sscc2015.sched.org/

Super Speedy Cider Con 2015 is on October 16-18 at the Knoxville Hilton in downtown Knoxville, TN!

Watch a livestream of the entire weekend at:  http://welcome.superspeedycidercon.com/live-stream.html

Follow Super Speedy Cider Con at: http://superspeedycidercon.com/.  Follow them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/superspeedycidercon and on Twitter @SSCiderCon.