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The Evening Post: Listen To Hey Techies Interview Scott Wilkinson

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Tonight, I am featuring an interview from the Hey Techies Show with Scott Wilkinson, editor of and the host of the Home Theater Geeks podcast.  The interview is all about home theater, and if you watch TV at home and want the best experience, enjoy this 41 minute interview below!

The Hey Techies Show is live from Jacksonville, Alabama every Thursday night from 7-9 pm Central on WLJS-FM 91.9 FM.  You can either listen on 91.9 FM in East Alabama or you can listen to WLJS-FM live online at:

You can subscribe to the show and get the full show download podcasts viaiTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite RSS podcasting app.

You can also subscribe to the Hey Techies Show YouTube channel.  There they will be uploading best of clips from each show!

Keep up with Hey Techies at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter@HeyTechiesShow.