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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week Of 10-10-15

Geek Alabama Rewind

Here is the latest weekly recap for Geek Alabama! Some of the most popular posts from the last two weeks included a Sunday Discussion post featuring the Pope Francis address to Congress, Screen Team music video featuring Five Nights At Freddys, Smarter Every Day post asking you to believe in your eyes, post about why The Splat will struggle down the road, Aspie Vlogs episode 9 featuring a spoiled dog and cat, and pictures and a video from Oxfordfest 2015!

Sunday Discussion: The Pope Francis Address To Congress

Geek Alabama Discussion

Click the link to see this address to Congress by Pope Francis.  Man, if the leaders in Congress would take the Pope’s advice!

Check Out The Screen Team’s Five Nights At Freddys Live Action Music Video


Click the link to see the latest music video from the Screen Team featuring the game Five Nights at Freddys!

Smarter Every Day Asks You To Believe In Your Eyes


Click the link, and try to believe in your eyes with Smarter Every Day!

Why The Splat Will Struggle In The Ratings After The Welcome Wears Out


So The Splat has started up on TeenNick, and I do think that this special 90’s Nick block will soon struggle in the ratings, click the link to read why!

Aspie Vlogs Episode 9: Fun And Spoiled Dog And Cat


Click the link to see episode 9 of Aspie Vlogs, where I feature a very spoiled and loving dog and cat!

Pictures And Video From Oxfordfest 2015


Click the link to see pictures and a video from Oxfordfest 2015!