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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week Of 9-26-15

Geek Alabama Rewind

Here is the latest weekly recap for Geek Alabama! Some of the most popular posts from the last week included an interview of Johnny Jet on Hey Techies, Sunday Discussion post about using GoFundMe to buy Chicken McNuggets, Evening Post about Tammy’s epic call on Paul Finebaum, Animation Monday post featuring ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks, A movie review of Grim Reapers made in Alabama, and an interview of Kate Hackett from the YouTube series Classic Alice!

Listen To Hey Techies Interview Johnny Jet


Want to listen to an over 30 minute interview with a geek who know a lot about travel, click the link to listen to the Johnny Jet interview.

Sunday Discussion: Using GoFundMe To Buy Chicken McNuggets

Geek Alabama Discussion

Yep, someone used GoFundMe to make a point about misusing Crowdsourcing sites.  The mission, to buy 20 Chicken McNuggets!

The Evening Post: Tammy’s Epic Phone Call On Paul Finebaum

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Yep, someone delivered one of the funniest and weirdest phone calls ever seen on The Paul Finebaum show, click the link to see it!

Animation Monday: ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks

Geek Alabama Animation

Click the link to see a cool review of a French/American cartoon featuring the same chipmunks you saw in the 1980’s.

Movie Review: Grim Reapers Alabama Movie

Geek Alabama Movie Review

Want to see a horror/thriller movie that was all shot in Alabama and features people in Alabama?  Click the link to read my review of Grim Reapers!

Listen To The Geek Alabama Interview Of Kate Hackett From Classic Alice


Another Geek Alabama interview in the bag!  Click the link to listen to an interview of Kate Hackett who is the star in the YouTube series Classic Alice.