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Oops! Alabama Has The Highest Amount Of Cheaters According To Ashley Madison


Well Alabama, according to the extramarital dating site Ashley Madison, people in the state loves to cheat on their spouses.  Thanks to some hackers who stole information from the website, we now know which states has the most people who goes behind their married loved ones to cheat on them.  And Alabama is number one, yay we are number one in something that is not good for us once again!

According to leaked info by scientist Jake Popham, people in Alabama spends around $5.50 per capita on the site.  And the craziest thing about the Ashley Madison hack is the amount of people on the site who are in our governments and in our military.  Boy, I think we have a lot of cheaters on our hands, Maury will be busy!

Now, it could either be Alabama has a lot of cheaters, or it could be artificially high due to it being the first state in the dropdown menu. But either way, Alabama is way ahead of the two next states, Colorado and Washington DC.  So Alabama is the most unfaithful state in America, who knew?  Here is a chart showing the most and least unfaithful states in America.


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