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The Evening Post: 10 Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About The Fantastic Four

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The Fantastic Four is one of Marvel’s most celebrated comic book heroes. Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, there’s no denying that the four had a great contribution in the portrayal of superhero teams/families in the comics and in animated shows. Here are 10 facts that you might not know about the Fantastic Four.

  1. Did you know that the Fantastic Four is the first ever superhero team created by Marvel? It came from a time when superhero teams where the superhero teams proved to be a success for other comic book companies. Jack Kirby asked Stan Lee to develop their own superhero team and thus the Fantastic Four was born.
  2. They once had a robot team member named H.E.R.B.I.E. (Humanoid Experimental Robot. B-Type Integrated Electronics). He replaced The Human Torch in the 1978 animated series because the producers thought the kids would try to light themselves on fire if they saw him “flame on”.
  3. All the members of the Fantastic Four have died at least once in the comics. Reed Richards died in a battle with Doom. Sue Storm was killed due to a mistake by Johnny Storm. The Thing was killed by a horrified Reed when his body was possessed by Doom. Johnny Storm died in a fight with an alien horde from the Negative Zone.
  4. The four superheroes have additional powers. Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) can increase his size and mass increase his strength. The Thing is not only extremely durable, but he also has an increased lung capacity which allows him to stay underwater longer. The Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) can simulate telekinesis using her forcefields. The Human Torch (Johnny Storm) can control any form of fire within his vicinity.
  5. The first issue of the Fantastic Four is noted to be worth up to $800,000. As far as first issues goes, this one is pretty expensive for an average comic book collector.
  6. The Thing once starred as a solo character in an animated series featuring the Flintstones called “Fred and Barney Meet the Thing”.
  7. Reed became a villain in the Ultimate universe due to the destruction caused by Magneto that leads to the team splitting up. It also didn’t help that his marriage proposal to Sue was denied.
  8. 40,000 quarters were minted that contained the image of Silver Surfer in the back. This was to promote the sequel of the Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer.
  9. They fought the infamous Adolf Hitler in the comics. It was a clone called Hate Monger that had the power to make anyone racist. Yup, it totally happened.
  10. Spider-Man once stole Johnny Storm’s underwear. We don’t know why, but we assume they are good friends.

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10 MindBlowing facts About Fantastic Four

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