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The Five Things I Want The Most For My 29th Birthday


So today is my birthday!  As you are reading this, I am outside sitting on the sidewalk in the middle of the night writing this post.  Yeah, this birthday day is going to suck!  I am not going out, I am not getting any presents, I am not having any parties, and I hope I don’t have more people harass me online, which has been happening a lot lately.  I just need a day where people are nice to me online for a change!  So for this post, I am going to list the five things I need the most for my 29th birthday!


Yep, this is the thing I need the most!  Sure, I might have gotten the letter this week saying I was approved for disability, but it could be up to 60 days before I get the disability back pay.  It does not help when you don’t have the funds to get the basic things everyone needs like soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, etc.  Some funds would also allow me to pay a few bills that I have no way of paying.  As of this writing, I have not gotten a card that usually comes with a little money from my dad’s grandparents.  I hope that comes soon!

New Computer

I have been using the same laptop computer for over five years now.  Laptops are not designed to last forever, and this one is getting near its end.  One of the gadgets to hold up the computer screen is broken.  The wiring and keyboard are wearing out.  And the mouse clicker up front is wearing out as well.  I would like to do a lot more things involving the Geek Alabama site, like reviews, gaming videos, and more videos and pictures, but I need a better computer with better software to get the job done!  If this computer breaks down, no more posts on Geek Alabama!

New Camera Equipment

I have two cameras, one DSLR camera that has a broken sensor and should be sent in to be fixed, don’t have the funds to do that!  I have another basic early 2000’s camera that shoots low quality video, the kind you see in my Aspie Vlogs videos.  So, I would like to get a new camera with HD camera qualities, like the kind that is used in many YouTube Vlog channels today.  I would also like to update my DSLR so it can take a lot more photos and videos for years to come.  With the Geek Alabama site, people love my events coverage with photos and videos; I don’t want to stop doing that!

New Car

There have been several people around here who have said to me that they see me walking on the side of the road.  The reason, I don’t have a working car!  I do have a car that is broken down and sitting idle in the apartment parking lot, and it would cost more than $1000 to get fixed, everything from getting the axle fixed, a new battery, oil change, and more.  It might be better off getting another car, or get a motor scooter which would be a game changer for me around here.  Around here, you pretty much need a car.

Internet At Home

I said this up top; I usually go next door to a public Wi-Fi source to update the Geek Alabama site and my social media.  Or, I walk for over three miles on the side of several busy roads dodging high speed traffic for the library.  I do this when the police don’t like me walking on the side of the road, but what can you do when you don’t have internet at home?  These days, having internet is a necessity.  And if I could not get anything else above, I would want to have internet at home the most!  I could do better Geek Alabama posts, more reviews, more videos and photos, and so much more!  I could interact on the internet more as well, something I can’t do now with the limited internet time.

So there you have it, these are the five things I want to have the most for my 29th birthday.  It would be cool to imagine in my head that I would get some of those things above, but most likely, I will be getting nothing except for a few “Happy Birthday” posts on my social media.  Well, my 29th birthday is going to be a snooze fest this year!  Thanks for reading!

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