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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week Of 8-15-15

Geek Alabama Rewind

Happy birthday to me!  Here is the latest weekly recap for Geek Alabama! Some of the most popular posts from the last week included reflections on Geek Alabama’s 5000th post and Nathan’s upcoming 29th birthday, Sunday Discussion about five things the Alabama Legislature circus act can fix, a TV Review of America’s Next Weatherman, Roadscapes post about Nathan’s ultimate go-kart track, a post about the website MeDotCom, and a video/podcast/presentation about 25 years of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Reflections On Geek Alabama’s 5000th Post / Nathan’s Upcoming 29th Birthday


Yep, Geek Alabama has crossed 5000 posts, and today is my 29th birthday.  Enjoy some reflections from me on these milestones!


Sunday Discussion: Five Things That Can Fix The Alabama Legislature Circus Act

Geek Alabama Discussion

The Alabama legislature is almost like a circus!  This post talks about five things that can fix this circus and freak show!

TV Review: America’s Next Weatherman

Geek Alabama TV Reviews

This show I watched and reviewed is a joke!  Click the link to read my takedown of this show and Funny or Die!

Roadscapes Wednesday: Nathan’s Ultimate Go-Kart Track Design

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

I drew four different road drawings to show what my ultimate go-kart track would look like.  Click the link to enjoy!

Check Out MeDotCom, A New Way To Share And Track Your Social Media Links


The folks from MeDotCom are sharing my profile on their front page today!  Click the link to learn more about why you should sign up with MeDotCom today!

My Thoughts On 25 Years Of The Americans With Disabilities Act


I created a Southern Geek vlog video, GeekNerdPoly podcast, and presentation about my thoughts on 25 years of The Americans With Disabilities Act, enjoy!