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The Evening Post: Blue Bell Ice Cream Is About To Come Back

Geek Alabama Evening Post

This is the news many in the south were hoping for!  The Blue Bell Ice Cream plant in Sylacauga is now producing Blue Bell Ice Cream again!  The Alabama Department of Public Health has placed no restrictions on the sale of Blue Bell ice cream made at the company’s Sylacauga plant.  And the plant is now busy producing a limited amount of Blue Bell’s most popular flavors and building up inventories.

The great news is Alabama will be first in line to see Blue Bell Ice Cream back on the store shelves.  When the ice cream comes back, only a few flavors will be available for now.  And in Sylacauga, they are planning a Blue Bell Ice Cream celebration day to be held within the next couple of weeks.  There is there no date for the return of Blue Bell Ice Cream, but I would be willing to bet the company has a target date of around Labor Day for the ice cream’s return.

Great news everyone, expect a rush of buyers when Blue Bell Ice Cream returns!  Belle the Cow must be happy!