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The Evening Post: 9 Amazing Facts About The Ant Man Movie That You Should Know

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Marvel’s Ant-Man is out in theaters nationwide right now. And due to the critical and box office success of the film, Lights On Location has created a list of 9 facts that you might not know about Marvel’s smallest hero ‘Ant-Man’.

  1. Scott Lang, a petty rogue thief with background in engineering, is actually the second man to wear the Ant-Man costume. Hank Pym was the original hero, but he eventually quit due to the effects of constantly shrinking and resizing that took a toll on his body. Scott Lang got the suite when he stole it from Hank Pym’s home.
  1. “It’s not about saving our world. It’s about saving theirs.” – Hank Pym tells Scott as he asks him to take on the mantle of the new Ant-Man. We see this line told in the trailers and in the film to inspire Scott in becoming the next Ant-Man, knowing that he would do anything just for his little daughter.
  1. In the comics, Yellowjacket is a new superhero identity by Hank Pym after he stopped being Ant-Man. In the movie, Yellowjacket will be the main villain of the film played by Corey Stoll. Yellowjacket will have the same shrinking abilities as our hero, but with a more high tech suit and laser tendrils. Incidentally, Stoll’s suit is a motion capture suit to be edited in post-production to give it a more high-tech look.
  1. Pym Particles are an unusual set of subatomic particles that Hank Pym discovered during his research. With the use of a special serum, it allows the user to alter its mass to shrink into sub-atomic sizes or to grow into giant proportions.
  1. Evangeline Lilly plays the role of Hope Van Dyne, the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne who in the comics is the alter-ego of female superhero Wasp. The Wasp is rumored to appear in a flashback from Pym’s past. Evangeline Lilly is yet to appear in the wasp costume while on the filming location.
  1. Eric O’ Grady is the third character to become Ant-Man. He was a low-level shield agent who discovered Hank Pym’s latest iteration of the suit in the SHIELD headquarters. He is often called the ‘irredeemable ant-man’ since he uses the suit for his own selfish purposes rather than being a hero.
  1. Ant Man is originally one of the first five founding members of the Avengers. Together with his wife the Wasp, Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor. Captain America was later added to the team after he was discovered on ice. Ant-Man was the one to name their team ‘The Avengers’.
  1. Ant-Man can alter his mass to reduce himself to the size of an ant or revert to normal thanks to the use of Pym Particles. This leads to some creative shots of the filming location, like in the trailer where they fight over a train set. He can also do the same with anything or anyone he touches. He developed a high-tech helmet that lets him communicate with ants and other higher insects to use as transportation or support.
  1. Ant-man’s strength can greatly increase up to four times while in his shrunken form. This is thanks to his increased density due to the reduced size. That means he can punch like a bullet when in his shrunken form.

If you did not want to read that above, you can enjoy a infographic version of 9 amazing facts about the movie Ant Man that you should know!  Enjoy below and for those on the front page, click the read more link!


9 Amazing Facts About The Movie Ant Man That You Should Know


This article was contributed by Cyrel P. Nicolas, a writer, information wanderer, movie addict and internet marketing specialist for almost 5 years now at CollabUX Web Solutions Co. Currently, he is the marketing director of LightsOnLocation – a premier directory of filming locations.