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Yep, Even WordPress Can Have Some Technical Issues


About 24 hours ago, every blog and website hosted on had a major issue!  All of the custom design settings disappeared!  And on this site, the background image and custom header was gone.  Everything reverted to the old theme defaults.

Thankfully, many others noticed this as well.  And it took some time, but the WordPress staff was quickly notified of this issue.  It took about one hour, but soon everything returned as normal.

On one of the WordPress discussion forums, one of the staff members said a change or update to the blog software was malfunctioning.  And they quickly reverted back to the older software.

For my site, the only problems were that the custom settings were gone, but they came back.  Thankfully the WordPress staff helped the other bloggers who issues continued after everything was fixed!  So this is why I love the WordPress experience, yes they had a technical issue.  Everyone does here and there.  But they quickly fixed the problem and made sure everyone was back to normal, perfect!

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