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YouTube Spotlight: GoJo Media / Team GoJo

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This is YouTube Spotlight, where each week I highlight a YouTube channel that you should be following! This week, I am promoting the YouTube channel GoJoMedia Geoff.

Geoff Oliver runs GoJoMedia which is a variety channel with a definite “Taste Test” of fast food theme.  Yes, most of the videos on the main GoJoMedia Geoff channel are food reviews.  But the channel also has plenty of other cool things too!  The most popular video is a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine.

As for the reviews, the most popular video is a comparison of french fries from McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, and KFC.

Another popular video is a comparison of cheeseburgers from McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks.

Another popular video features him trying out the McDonald’s build your own burger.

But there are some other cool channels.  There is the GoJoMedia Vlogs channel.

There is the kids GoJo Toys Taste Test channel.

There is also the GoJoMedia Travel Australia channel.

You also have the GoJoMedia Music channel.

And you have the GoJoMedia Relax channel.

If you love reviews and other cool things, than GoJoMedia Geoff is for you!  Learn more and subscribe at:

Follow him on Facebook at: and on Twitter @GoJoMedia.