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The Evening Post: Alabama Man Shoots TV In Protest Of Caitlyn Jenner

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Last night on the ESPY’s, Caitlyn Jenner accepted the Arthur Ashe Award.  She really gave a very good speech!  And for many of us in the geek/nerd world, we understand what she is going through with this transition, and people bullying her.  Great job talking about the struggles of trans people!  Here is the full speech below!

Sadly, the Caitlyn Jenner story has gotten someone here in Alabama very upset, and he shot a TV with a gun to prove his point.  Bobby Knight from Baker Hill, who is a electrician and grandpa, shot a hole in his TV in what he is calling the #TakeOutYourTV Challenge.  This is what he said on his YouTube description.

I’m sick of the sickoe crap big media is pushing on america. So I decided that I had as of today no more perverted nasty garbage will enter my home..I forgot t o load my tool of destruction making this video..please forgive my narrative..

Really?  I guess Bobby won’t have to worry about what happens outside of Baker Hill anymore!  There’s more out there than worrying about right-winged stuff!  And I do notice the confederate flag on your YouTube profile picture.  Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

And if you Bobby Knight are reading this, watch my video below about why I support the removal of the confederate flag on state property, and why I support Obamacare and gay marriage!