Weekend Planning: Rally For Riley / No Bullying Allowed 2015

Geek Alabama Weekend Planning

This beautiful little girl was drove over the edge because of the hate of bullies. The family and friends of Riley Doby, love and miss her every second of everyday would like to honor the life of this child with a Ride for Riley Memorial Rally.  They encourage parents and children to attend to make this Memorial ride great. Everyone has been or knows someone who has been scared from bullying. Stand up and be heard Saturday, July 11, 2015 at Mt. Cheaha Harley Davidson.


The Dixie Kin Band will be playing before and after the ride.  They will have food, drinks, and entertainment, along with a lot of love. This is a fundraiser to help with the costly funeral of Riley and to bring bully awareness to the community. All biker clubs and car clubs are needed to make this event happen. Sign up starts at 9 am and they ride at noon. Special thanks to Mt. Cheaha Harley Davidson, their great Dixie Kin Band, and No Bullying Allowed.

The route will start at Mt. Cheaha Harley and they will ride down US 78 to Main Street in Oxford and to the cemetery to do a tribute ride through for Riley.  Then they will go to Quintard Ave. and cruise stopping all traffic to Ft. McClellan, then down Bains Gap Road which is really beautiful.  Then they will go down Choccolocco Road and that road goes all the way back to Harley Davidson where they will have their band playing more music and all the raffles Harley will be giving away, it should be fun for everyone.

The Rally For Riley / No Bullying Allowed 2015 happens on Saturday, July 11th at Mt. Cheaha Harley Davidson.  The event starts at 9 am and kickstands are up at 12 noon.  Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/700340780092575/