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The Evening Post: How Accurate Should Movies Be

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Tonight I am presenting the latest episode from the PBS Idea Channel YouTube channel.  Neil DeGrasse Tyson has made a small game out of decrying the factual inaccuracies of popular movies, but do these noted inaccuracies actually…matter? On one hand, showing the dinosaurs in Jurassic World without feathers is a scientific error, but what about the fact that Jurassic World exists at all? Isn’t it just fantasy? Does it matter that in Gravity, gravity itself seemed to not necessarily obey our current understanding of it? Join Mike on this week’s episode of Idea Channel as he looks at what works of fiction may or may not owe to actual reality.


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  1. It’s definitely an interesting topic to discuss. Personally, real life is real enough. When I watch a movie It should be an escape from the humdrum of everyday life, and should just be enjoyed for what it is.


  2. Yeah, I go to movies to escape the everyday things I experience, same goes for TV shows and games. I don’t think movies should be 100% accurate, put some fun into them!

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