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Aspie Vlogs Episode 1: The Toughest Vlog You’ll Ever Watch


That’s right, I have begun to vlog on a personal level, like those other YouTube channels that vlogs.  These vlogs will be called Aspie Vlogs, because I do have Asperger’s Syndrome, and the name was not taken yet!  So for episode one, I give you a tour of the problems inside the Anniston/Oxford area.  It includes a countdown of all the closed down businesses along my walking route to the library, there’s a lot!  Plus you learn about my current life status!  It’s over 30 minutes long, but worth watching!  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Nathan.
    I live in the Anniston area as well.
    I really enjoy your videos and posts.
    I know it’s discouraging to diligently look for a job for such a long period of time and despite your very best efforts, still not see positive results. You’re definitely not the only one struggling with this issue. You’re not the only one who can’t afford to fix his or her car, either. Lots of people *with* a job and working still can’t afford to make ends meet, all over the world, not just here in Calhoun County. And I realize there’s a lot wrong with what’s going on.
    Most of us have a lot of stress and worries in our everyday lives, so unfortunately, I think the best way to cope, sometimes, is to focus on the positive, as best we can.
    I know you’re not new to this, but the main thing I’ve learned from social media and networking is, people are attracted to hopeful, positive people. so, although you didn’t ask for advice, I’ll give it. Even though it’s very difficult to stay upbeat when you’re down, I think it helps to try to.
    Maybe if you could contact some other local independent artists or groups and work with them toward showcasing some of the good things they *are* doing for the community, like I see you have before, that would help you to make more contacts who could possibly help you out in return, in the future.
    It never hurts to be good to people and to shed extra light on those who are out there doing their best (like you) to make a bad situation a little better. Of course, not everyone can afford to pay you to blog or vlog about them, but I’ve learned myself, that if you do keep paying it forward, eventually you’ll see the fruits of your labor and that fruit is very sweet.

    God bless you.

  2. Hello, thank you for the comment. I am very positive on this blog and my social media feeds. If you have followed this blog, I have done plenty of events and covered plenty of people in this and other communities, and even without a car I still do this. One thing some people don’t like is sometimes you have to be “real.” Every news source including this one not only talks about good things coming up, but sometimes they have to talk about the tough things too. While other sources might talk about who was killed or hurt, I tend to focus on those who are struggling, including myself.

    At times, I have tried to cover some cool things here in Calhoun County and have only been shown the door or have been “shafted” by someone who was doing that event, it has happened a lot more here than in other places in Alabama. For example, management at the Quintard Mall threatened to arrest me just for simply covering an event inside, after I talked about them on this site, you can probably see what happened, half the mall is empty, and security and management does not want me there.

    It is kind of hard to get around and cover things with no transportation. Try walking for a mile from the grocery store with 20 pounds of groceries, that is not fun! So to sum things up, I will continue to promote things happening, but also be real about the situations here. I mean, when this metro area was ranked as the worst performing metro area in America, you have to talk about it, it’s news good or bad. You can read that article at:

  3. Understood. I was just trying to help. You’re telling the world what the problem is, what the problems are. So in response, your reader was *trying* to help. I do hear you. I do understand. And I *do* relate, that’s why I cared to try and help…