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YouTube Spotlight: Laura in the Kitchen

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This is YouTube Spotlight, where each week I highlight a YouTube channel that you should be following! This week, I am promoting the YouTube channel Laura in the Kitchen.

“Laura in the Kitchen” is an interactive cooking show hosted by Laura Vitale a self-taught home-cook with a passion for what cooking really stands for. She believes that food really feeds the soul not just the stomach.

Laura Vitale was born and raised in Italy until she was twelve years of age when she moved to the United States. She started her cooking journey working with her father in their restaurants. The restaurants have since closed due to the poor economy, but she never let that crush her dreams or stop her from doing what she loves.  Their most popular video with over 5 million views is a video showing you how to make cupcakes from scratch.

Another popular video is showing you how to make homemade pizza from scratch!

And how about a Nutella Popsicle recipe!

And now Laura in the Kitchen will soon have a cookbook!  You know that will be very popular!  It comes out on October 6th.

If you looking cooking videos, then Laura in the Kitchen is for you!  Learn more and subscribe at:

Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @LaurasKitchen.