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What Has Gone Wrong With Buffer App


I have a pretty good social media following, and to keep up with what I post on social media, I use Buffer app.  I have not had any problems with the app since I began using it a few years ago, but last week the problems began!  First, when I use their Google Chrome extension, and I add something like the quote of the day, or a Geek Alabama link, the button to “add to queue” was not working.  It did not matter if I had Facebook un-highlighted, or all three social media networks un-highlighted, nothing worked.  And I had to go directly to the Buffer website to add my social media posts.

Then on Thursday, the extension was changed, where I can add an optional Facebook message.  I thought this would be cool, but it is turning out to be a nightmare!  For starters, when I upload my daily weather forecast, it works fine for Twitter and LinkedIn.

But for Facebook, it only has a picture with no words.  I am having to go to the Twitter section on my Buffer, copy the text, go to the Facebook section, and pasting the words to each post.

This is not only for pictures.  I am having to do the same thing for links.

And the same thing for videos, and pretty much anything I share via Buffer App.  And I have tried using the optional Facebook option, and that has not worked as well.

I have read on the Buffer website that they were violating the Facebook terms of service and were trying to make changes, but this has been going on for over a week now.  I would not want to leave Buffer app because they have been fantastic, but if something does not change soon, I might have to find an alternative.

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