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What Has Gone Wrong With Buffer App


I have a pretty good social media following, and to keep up with what I post on social media, I use Buffer app.  I have not had any problems with the app since I began using it a few years ago, but last week the problems began!  First, when I use their Google Chrome extension, and I add something like the quote of the day, or a Geek Alabama link, the button to “add to queue” was not working.  It did not matter if I had Facebook un-highlighted, or all three social media networks un-highlighted, nothing worked.  And I had to go directly to the Buffer website to add my social media posts.

buffer 1buffer 2

Then on Thursday, the extension was changed, where I can add an optional Facebook message.  I thought this would be cool, but it is turning out to be a nightmare!  For starters, when I upload my daily weather forecast, it works fine for Twitter and LinkedIn.

buffer 3

But for Facebook, it only has a picture with no words.  I am having to go to the Twitter section on my Buffer, copy the text, go to the Facebook section, and pasting the words to each post.

buffer 4

This is not only for pictures.  I am having to do the same thing for links.

buffer 5

And the same thing for videos, and pretty much anything I share via Buffer App.  And I have tried using the optional Facebook option, and that has not worked as well.

buffer 6

I have read on the Buffer website that they were violating the Facebook terms of service and were trying to make changes, but this has been going on for over a week now.  I would not want to leave Buffer app because they have been fantastic, but if something does not change soon, I might have to find an alternative.

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