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The Evening Post: Recap Of The Deontay Wilder KO In Birmingham

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Saturday night at Bartow Arena in Birmingham featured a great KO fight of Deontay Wilder defeating Eric Molina in round 9.  So if you missed the fight, or want to see it again, Showtime Sports has the video you need to see!  It’s faster than a plate of Alabama barbecue!

I loved how Deontay Wilder said “welcome to Alabama” after he KO’d Molina!  That was not the only fight of the night.  The earlier fight featured Dejan Zlaticanin KO’ing Ivan Redkach in the fourth round.

The sellout crowd saw some extreme boxing in Birmingham, and I hope this is the start of more boxing matches coming to the Magic City!

Here is a recap of the night from Showtime.

And if you have not seen it, enjoy this full episode of All Access featuring Deontay Wilder from Showtime Sports, it was interesting!