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YouTube Spotlight: Furry Gurus

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This is YouTube Spotlight, where each week I highlight a YouTube channel that you should be following! This week, I am promoting the YouTube channel Furry Gurus.

Furry Gurus slogan is have a break and love a pet!  This YouTube channel focuses on four pets.  Dogs Ziggy and Maya and cats Choco and Frosti.  Their goal is to make short, light clips to brighten up your day and help you smile, relax and be happy!  You can follow these four Belgian pets on their adventures, and you can expect new videos every Sunday!  Here is their most popular video of one of their cats in a cat circle trap!

Here is another video of their cats while the humans are getting ready in the bathroom.

Here is another video of their dogs playing at a dog park, what fun!

And here is a video of their dogs opening a Christmas present of dog balls!

And here is one more special thing!  This YouTube channel crossed 100 subscribers.  So they will be doing a special Q&A video this Sunday.  If you want to ask a question, leave a comment on this video below by clicking on the YouTube button.

If you enjoy animal videos, than Furry Gurus is for you! Learn more and subscribe at:

Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @FurryGurus.