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Enjoy A New Season Of Classic Alice With The Show Going Outside


This week, an all new season of the webseries Classic Alice got going!  Classic Alice is made by Kate Hackett Productions, in association with award-winning producer Alexis Edelman and her company Bam!PRODUCED.  And for this season, you will get to see the show going outside, and it is all thanks to you the crowdfunders.

Classic Alice is bigger and better than ever this season, as it moves beyond vlog-style filming and expands Alice’s world both within and outside Valeton University. The cast is expanding too: in addition to returning cast members Kate Hackett, Tony Noto, Elise Cantu, and Chris O’Brien and returning guest star James Brent Isaacs (Emma Approved), the show is welcoming several new cast members, including Dyana Liu (Tower Prep), Leilani Marie Smith (Uncle P), Paul Todd (City Homicide), and Jonathan Emerson (Fresh Off the Boat, The Young & the Restless).

And as always, the show offers fans an immersive transmedia experience, ranging across platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Goodreads and incorporating such innovative offerings as characters’ podcasts and a new interactive literary magazine.  I got a chance to watch a few of the new season episodes, and they were really good!  The episodes continue the short chronicles of Alice Rackham’s life — lived according to classic literature.  Episode 55 is called Paradise (to be) Regained, enjoy below!

New episodes will premiere on Tuesdays and Thursdays, learn more about Classic Alice at:

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