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Last Week Tonight Slams The Fat Cat Chicken Producers


Most of the pieces from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver have made fun of Alabama in some way.  Well, this video below does not make fun of Alabama, unless you are a fat cat inside the chicken industry.  We are not talking about the chicken farmers, because they are often screwed over by the chicken companies, and many live in poverty, poverty!

The chicken farmers have to spend lots of money to upgrade equipment, pay the utilities, and spend money on whatever the chicken companies are demanding.  The chicken companies own the chickens, but they screw and hang the chicken farmers out to dry.  If the chicken farmers even speak up against these bad practices, they risk losing everything or getting lower quality chicken.  That is shady!

So, this video is about how the chicken companies screw over their farmers.  Over 160 million chickens are processed every week, and chicken is the most popular meat in America, but we can’t make sure our chicken farmers are making the money they need to survive?  Something is wrong here, enjoy the video!

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