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Music Thursdays: Fund The Doubleclicks New Album President Snakes


We have talked about The Doubleclicks before on this site.  Angela and Aubrey have been making geeky music since 2011, and now they are back with a new album called President Snakes.  But they need your help to fund it!

Their next album is called “President Snakes.” It’s not all nerdy, not all folky, not all funny, but definitely a mix of those things. It’s the most honest and personal album they’ve ever created. There is sadness and happiness and a cat or two. It’s the next step for them and it is full of songs they are extremely proud of, many of which they have released online over the last year (“This Is My Jam,” “Really Big Chickens,” “Bad Memories,” and more.  For example, here is their music video for Really Big Chickens.

Here is another song on the new album called Bad Memories.

Yeah, you can guess that the album will have polished-up, shiny new versions of those songs above.  Unlike their last two albums, “President Snakes” is going to be primarily produced and performed by the Doubleclicks, because it’s honest and raw and very close to their hearts, and they want it to stay that way.  They have learned a lot in 6 years of nerd/folk/music and they are eager to put that all to work on this record!

This project has already raised more than their $30,000 goal with 18 days left on their Kickstarter project.  Rewards include digital downloads, physical CD;s, the album on a custom USB drive, tote bags, t-shirts, and buttons.  If you want to learn more and fund the President Snakes album, go to:

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