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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Dream Writers: A Television Show

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Hopefully at this point you’ve already fallen completely and madly in love with them, because they’re completely and madly in love with you, and well that would just be embarrassing otherwise. But, you might be a tiny bit curious as to what Dream Writers is all about.  Dream Writers is derived from a single, simple idea: What if other people wrote your dreams? It’s a concept yet to be explored in the television industry, and their goal is for this project to be the first. It’s kind of like the movie “Inception” in that it’s about dreams… And that’s where the similarities end. Also, they don’t have Ellen Page.

About the show, after an office shakeup at Project Lucid, the top secret government agency responsible for writing dreams, two best friends are paired up with an offbeat new employee. Together, the three battle changing relationships and workplace politics as they struggle to maximize their dreamer’s potential.  The sitcom focuses on Sam – a career-driven, recently promoted head writer, his best friend, Quinn – a fun-chasing, success-fearing underachiever, and Russell – a quirky, awkward, newly employed writer desperate for friends. The team endures a series of struggles in their pursuit of success, and even though the group begins to develop a loyal, tight-knit bond, you’ll learn that even dream teams have a B-squad.

Episode one of “Dream Writers” focuses on change. Sam is unexpectedly promoted to Head Writer, leaving Quinn as his subordinate, and the two must incorporate a brand new employee, Russell, as their third group member. In an effort to disband Sam and Quinn, their boss only gives the pair one day to train Russell, who struggles to process the gravity of writing dreams.  With a poor track record, a failing dreamer, and abrupt changes to group dynamics, the new team has their work cut out for them. Sam, Quinn, and Russell must quickly learn to work together and record a successful dreamer, or their first job as a team will also be their last.

On the surface, it might look like they’re just a group of four guys trying to make a television show… because they are just a group of four guys trying to make a television show. But, they’re a group of four guys that are fully invested in their passion, wholeheartedly believe in their project, and maintain an endless pursuit of excellence. Plus their moms don’t let them use the word, “can’t”.  With changes in technology and a major shift in how content is distributed, the entertainment industry has never been more accessible to creators. Over the past 18 months they’ve done everything they can do to develop an interesting concept, assemble the strongest team, and best position ourselves to tell the “Dream Writers” story.

They’ve been very fortunate to have the support of dedicated team members (focused on everything from development, to casting, to marketing), experienced industry advisers (from writers, to producers, to agents), and of course amazing friends, family, and fans that’ve been an invaluable help throughout the process.  They believe that they have a chance to do something special.  They’re very proud to be part of the Atlanta entertainment industry, and they can’t wait to see what happens next.


As of February 13th, this project has raised around $14,000 of their $75,000 goal. This project only has 22 days left to raise the $75,000 or it will not be funded!  For a pledge of $15, you will get a digital download of the pilot episode, social media shoutout, and name in the credits. For a pledge of $25, you will get everything above, plus a Dream Writers branded notepad and pen, and additional commentary on the pilot episode.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to: