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YouTube Spotlight: Press Record

Geek Alabama YouTube Spotlight

Welcome to a brand new segment on Geek Alabama!  Each week, mostly on a Wednesday, I will feature a YouTube channel that you should check out!  There are many YouTube channels out there, and there are some good ones that have not gotten the big time spotlight.  This weekly segment will help promote and grow YouTube channels that needs to be featured.  If you know of or run a YouTube channel that needs to be featured, e-mail me at:

Before I talk about this week’s YouTube Spotlight, check out my presentation called  Nathan Young’s Top 10 YouTube Channels!

This week, I am featuring the YouTube channel Press Record.  This channel features Brittany and Mike as they press record on a daily basis to let the world laugh, cry, and grow with them on the adventures life takes them on!  Press Record isn’t just another daily vlog channel!  No, it’s really not!  On their channel you will get to see their relationships grow right from the start, and they’ll take you with them on all the adventures (or lazy days) that life throws their way.

For example, here is today’s video where they take their husky dog named Nora urban mushing!

Here is their most popular video featuring a howl from their husky puppy.

And here is another video featuring nipple painting.

Expect videos mostly every day on this channel!  And also check out their other channels called Paw RecordBritt’s Games, and Zesty Mike.

Learn more about Press Record at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @Zesty_Mike.